September 19, 2011

Bon Matin,Bonjour,Bonsoir,Bon Nuit!

Hello everyone! Well, I'm sorry for the..what was it..3 weeks? of dead silence from my blog. I've been very busy with school again....homework, volleyball after school, as well as photography club! But I'm not complaining, it's been great being busy again =) I haven't had time to write as much or draw as much though. I'll surely try to blog when I'm completely free. And trust me, I'm not that free during the weekend as well as I'd hope to be. So patience is the key..I guess?

I'll just give you readers an update on what I'm currently doing in my Art class. We're doing a homework project of Altered Old Book pages..similar to scrapbooking but using an old hardcover thick book instead. In class, we are now drawing Self Portraits of.....Ourselves,duhh =P using pencil, charcoal and all time favourites! I'll definitely post the pictures up when I'm done with them but for now, just wait for the future <3

August 22, 2011



Mon Frere


 Love you too, Bamin ;)


August 20, 2011

Squash...the Sport not the Fruit!

As I've said before, currently Squash has been on my top 3 list of favourite sports. I'm still not quite sure yet whether it's placed at N# 1 or N# 2 for me ;D. Anyways, I've been playing it for about 2months now. And let me tell you's not as easy as it looks! (Unless you know how to play Tennis and Badminton well, then it's no problem at all). But I didn't (still don't) know how to play Tennis, so it was much harder for me to begin with.

Ok so, whilst I chose to do Squash as my after school sport. Most of the others girls I knew chose to do Netball, Soccer or Badminton. Surprise that I hadn't chose Badminton instead? Well the thing is, I chose to do Squash because I wanted to try out something new and also because one of my sisters used to play Squash. So I thought it would seem fun to learn and expand my knowledge of other types of sports. I didn't get the chance to join Squash in my previous schools, as they hadn't included it in. So I was really happy when I chose it, thinking that there would be a girl and boy team.

When I went for the first lesson, I was beyond shocked. It was unbelievable because...guess what? I was the ONLY GIRL from my year to join the Squash Team! (There were more than 100 girls in the Year -_-, none of them were keen on joining the Team). I was extremely lost at that time, I didn't know how to even play the sport nor was I friends with any of the boys in the team. And there were about 6 of them! Can you imagine how I felt? I felt so overwhelmed and a bit like a loser for not even knowing the rules of the game or holding the racket properly (as I was used to holding a Badminton racket which was much lighter) yet even hit the freaking ball!

On that first day, I already felt like quitting and giving up. I just felt extremely uncomfortable being surrounded by people, especially guys whom I've never even talked to during school times. Of course, others would just say "Just talk to them, it's easy!" But it's not that easy for me, so I just kept quiet to myself. The worst part of all was that the coach was also a male! So he didn't understand how I felt about it all like a female coach would. And that made me want to back out of the team much more, which was so weak of me...but it was just a nightmare. And when I got back from the Squash training, I complained to my Mom about it and I was just ready to do some other sport. But she advised me to just keep on trying, that it will take some time and practice for me to be good. So I thought about it and took her advice, I didn't want to be a loser, I didn't want to give up on it. It's better to try and learn some mistakes on the long run, rather than just give up altogether, right?;)

Well, long story short. I continued playing it and after a few weeks of practicing with my friends from the Year above, I got better at it. I played for more than 2 hours during the weekend and got the way of the game and the rules of it all. I proved to the coach and the boys that I could do it. But most of all, I actually proved to myself that I could do it :) And in the end, the boys cheered me on whenever I played during the games and I felt better. I still did get nervous before every game, but I'm sure that's normal for everyone ;) I did win 1 or 2 games...Ohh, and btw, I had to play against male players the whole time, as they also had no girls joining their school Squash Team either.

Funny, huh? Now I'm truly addicted to the sport and can play it for over 3 hours nonstop in a day ^_^. I'm really happy, glad and thankful that I hadn't given up on it, that I made the right choice and that I achieved my goal...It's just the best feeling. To think, if I did give up...what would have happened? I would have just continued playing Badminton. I wouldn't have had that amazing hours of experience of learning how to play squash, of the fun of practicing with friends every weekend, of being more comfortable among my team mates and also of being more confident of myself. You don't get this kind of experience anywhere or everyday in your lifetime. I've put the quote "Never give up, keep on trying" to great use in those few weeks. I've leant that, as long as you are alive, anything is possible :).

P.S- Sorry for the overly used of (brackets) =P xx.